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AngelEye Ltd

Sant Osvaldo Str., 1b
+39 04711726038
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
VAT IT02641370214


Mobile Device & Wear
AngelEye can alert the LifeGuard in case of drowning recognition.
The alarms should arrive directly to the LifeGuard without alarming the people in the pool area and must be hearable in any situations of noises.
For doing that is available the App for Android and iOS able to alert immediately the LifeGuard, showing the picture of the alarm and the exact position in the swimming pool.
The Mobile device is water resistant and rugged.
The vibrating AngelEye Wear is a Smart Watch with all the functionalities of the Mobile Device, easy to wear. It ensures that the alarm will be recognized by the LifeGuard.
The Smart Watch can be connected directly through wireless network.