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AngelEye Ltd

Sant Osvaldo Str., 1b
+39 04711726038
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
VAT IT02641370214

Why AngelEye?

The growing popularity of health clubs, spas, and water–based leisure facilities has led to the creation of many aquatic parks and high-quality private and public pools, which welcome guests in increasing numbers.

The very diverse profiles of users attending those facilities force managers to organize their service offerings according to ever higher quality standards, putting safety first - an aspect on which nobody can afford to skimp.

It is in fact essential to give swimmers certainty, peace of mind, and the awareness of being in a very safe environment, where their safeness is constantly monitored, especially as regards the greatest danger in a pool: the risk of drowning.

To protect pool users, the law lays down that surveillance must be provided by qualified lifeguards. Lifeguarding however can be hampered by a number of factors: very often the bottom of the pool is difficult to see because of the glare, waves and people in the water; distractions and human nature compound the problem.
To overcome all that, we have created AngelEye LifeGuard: the system helps you ensure the safety of every person using the pool, while maximising the pool’s safety performance as a whole.

AngelEye is a surveillance system specifically designed to monitor users of water-based facilities. The system can detect swimmers in distress and - by means of hand-held devices - it can alert lifeguards to provide immediate and targeted assistance.

Thanks to the innovative AngelEye Visual technology, many new sets of eyes can now supervise all activities in the pool, with no distractions!