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AngelEye Ltd

Sant Osvaldo Str., 1b
+39 04711726038
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
VAT IT02641370214

Our goal

From the very beginning, since the time of our initial meetings to share ideas and design our first projects, AngelEye’s primary goal has remained unchanged: to guarantee safety in the swimming pools, for ourselves and our children, making sure that a leisure and sports experience does not turn into tragedy. In other words, we want pool users to concentrate solely on fun and swimming and leave safety to the experts.

To reach and maintain that goal, constant research and development is required, aimed at continuous improvement.

The AngelEye team includes water rescue experts who provide internal consulting and relentlessly investigate customer needs: they are a key resource to ensure qualitative growth.

Building on extensive experience in real time image processing, our software development team has helped create an efficient, high quality system capable of carrying out complex real time computations as soon as danger is detected!

AngelEye’s goal is to continue to provide an ever better service and improve swimming pool safety!