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AngelEye Ltd

Sant Osvaldo Str., 1b
+39 04711726038
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
VAT IT02641370214

The full respect of privacy


AngelEye is engineered to comply with the current privacy laws – i.e. in all their slightly different variations – throughout Europe as well as in many countries worldwide.

The images captured by the cameras are stored in the central server, which is accessible only through encrypted authentication; it is thus inaccessible without the correct credentials (login data).

Image reviewing can only be carried out by security matters personnel; appointed by the client, it is the only staff who is provided with personal access credentials. All reviews are stored in a register.
All images are automatically deleted from the system after a period of time that can be set differently in each country – typically 48 or 72 hours, in full compliance with privacy law provisions.

In order to meet more stringent rules in some of the countries, the AngelEye "Encryption" software is able to make pictured individuals unrecognizable.

The system is remote-controlled by the AngelEye staff at the company headquarters, through an Internet connection that is however based on a virtual private network, which is built on very strict security protocols and encryption.

All access by the AngelEye service personnel is tracked; image consultation is exclusively aimed at providing the maintenance service.

AngelEye fully complies with privacy law provisions.
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